Dance Test Application  (Click to open)         CFSC waiver and release


Preliminary:               $25 each                   Dutch Waltz              Canasta Tango                  Rhythm Blues
Pre-Bronze:                 $30 each                  Swing Dance             Cha-Cha                             Fiesta Tango
Bronze:                         $35 each                  Hickory                      Willow Waltz                    Ten-Fox
Pre-Silver:                   $40 each                  Fourteenstep             European Waltz               Foxtrot
Silver:                            $60 each                 American                   Tango                                 Rocker Foxtrot
Pre-Gold:                      $65 each                 Killian                         Blues                                  Paso Doble                         Starlight Waltz
Gold:                               $70 each                Viennese Waltz         Westminster                    Quickstep                           Argentine Tango

International   $75 each     Rhumba, Austrian Waltz, Cha Cha Congelado, Yankee Polka, Ravensburger Waltz, Tango Romantica, Silver Samba, Golden Waltz, Midnight Blues

Free Dance      per tester                      Juvenile ($25), Intermediate ($30), Novice ($35), Junior ($60), Senior ($70)             

Non-Club Members must include your permission letter and the signed waiver/release.  A $35 Non-member fee must be added for each TEST LEVEL

Low level dance can usually be accommodated during any test session given enough notice. Coaches, for higher level dance, please try to get several students to test together for judge-scheduling purposes. Generally there are No Test Sessions during the months of September, October, and February.