CFSC requires good sportsmanship, respect, dignity and courtesy at all practices and competitions. Ice rules are designed to facilitate the pleasure and safety of all skaters.  All Professionals, Skaters and Spectators are expected to abide by the CFSC Ice Rules.   Infractions of these rules may lead to the suspension of ice privileges at the discretion of the person in charge of the session, the Ice Chairperson or CFSC Board of Directors.  Unused sessions will not be refunded.

Responsibilities of the skater and the professionals teaching them:

  • The skater is expected to maintain reasonable control of his/her speed and course at all times. The skater is expected to refrain from any behavior which might cause injury or harm to himself or another skater.
  • The skater must accept responsibility for knowing the range of his/her abilities while on skates and skate within the limits of that ability and as appropriate to that session.
  • The skater is expected to maintain a proper lookout to avoid other skaters, objects, or conditions on the surface of the ice. Dangerous conditions will be reported to the ice monitor immediately.
  • The program skater always has the right of way over all other skaters and professionals giving lessons.
  • The skater can have their program played out of order once per session, at the request of a coach during a lesson.
  • All skaters must fill divots (which are holes created by skaters toe picks) at the request of the ice monitor or rink personnel, before they leave the ice.
  • All skaters and professionals must leave the ice before the Zamboni enters the ice.
  • Coaches are encouraged to keep the skaters moving across the ice surface rather than occupying any specific area.
  • All skaters must be dressed appropriately, according to the USFSA rules, section SSR19.00.Chest, midriff, posterior, hips and abdomen must be covered.

In order to maintain safety and good sportsmanship for all skaters, the following is prohibited by the Cantiague Figure Skating Club:

  • any dishonest conduct, cheating, poor sportsmanship, criminal behavior, or any attempt to take unfair advantage of another in any activity.
  • any disruption of its functions which infringes on the rights and well-being of others, including the interruption of coaches during lessons.
  • parental instruction from the walls, stands, or on the ice during any period of time.
  • anyone other than skaters, coaches and the ice monitor and his/her inviteesfrom standing in the hockey box areas during skating time.
  • ice kicking, profanities, disorderly conduct, or excessive waste of ice time.
  • gum chewing and use of walkman headsets while on the ice.
  • the performance of acrobatic maneuvers and the use of props during practice sessions.
  • skating while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control impairing substances.

Cantiague Figure Skating Club Ice Rules