Home Club MOVES and FREESTYLE Test Pricing:

 Additional $35 added to EACH Moves/Free Test for Non-Home club members

Pre-Preliminary Moves                               $30                                                  Pre-Preliminary Freestyle                                $25
Preliminary Moves                                       $40                                                  Preliminary Freestyle                                        $50
Pre-Juvenile through Senior Moves       $100                                                  Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile Freestyle              $55 
                                                                                                                                   Intermediate and Novice Freestyle                $60   
                                                                                                                                   Junior and Senior Freestyle                            $65

Home Club ADULT MOVES and FREESTYLE Pricing:

Adult Pre-Bronze Moves                           $40                                                   Adult Pre-Bronze Freestyle                              $25
Adult Bronze Moves                                $100                                                    Adult Bronze and Silver Freestyle                  $55
Adult Silver Moves                                   $115                                                    Adult Gold Freestyle                                          $60
Adult Gold Moves                                    $120                                                     

Non-Club Members must include your permission letter and the signed waiver and release. Prices in application reflect $35 non-member fee

Pre-preliminary through Senior Moves and Freestyle can be accommodated at all Test Sessions, unless otherwise specified. Generally there are No Test Sessions during the months of September, October, and February. All low level test applications and payments MUST BE RECEIVED before any test can be scheduled outside a Test Session.

Cantiague Figure Skating Club Moves and Freestyle Test Registration

For the skating year July 1 through June 30

Complete and Submit this Online Form. This online form only holds a spot, the original form signed by your coach, payment, and permission letter and signed waiver for non-home club members must be mailed. Write the test level and the skater's name in the check memo. No Credit cards accepted. Your membership must be current to test with the club. The Board reserves the right to increase the test fee paid by those skaters testing. This increase may be necessary to cover the purchase of non-club ice or to bring in Gold level judges. Applications will be processed in order of postmark date. If the skater scratches, the Test Chairman must be notified 48 hours prior; otherwise all fees will be forfeited (medical emergencies with note excluded). Only two postponements accepted. We recommend that you schedule tests of more than one level on different test dates. If there is one test contingent upon another, the second test will always be placed on the wait list or the testing fee for the second test will be forfeited if the skater retries the first test. Please review USFSA requirements to pass tests. All test applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the test session so that a schedule can be made available for the skaters and coaches. Applications received within two weeks of the Test Session may be accommodated if there is room on the session. Please plan accordingly.  Non-Home club members please provide a Permission letter and signed waiverAll tests will be confirmed one week before, as there are NO REFUNDS after the schedule is final (48 hours prior). All schedules will be emailed.