Professional Membership Types available:

Home Pro - A Coach Professional who is registered with USFSA as a CFSC Home member. Fee $90

Guest Pro - A Coach Professional who is registered with USFSA and wants to teach on CFSC Freestyle.  No Fee

All Coaches MUST enclose the following documents prior to teaching on our freestyle ice:

  1. Current General Liability Certificate of Insurance
  2. Insurance for all Additional Insured: Cantiague Figure Skating Club, Inc.  and  Cantiague Ice Rink
  3. Proof of required PSA Continuing Education Unit credits
  4. Copy of Coaches Registration Card
  5. Copy of USFSA Membership Card (Non-Home Members)
  6. Signed Waiver

Cantiague Figure Skating Club 2018/2019 Pro Membership

For the skating year July 1 through June 30

Complete and Mail this Form with your payment and documents to the address on the form.

CFSC 2018-19 Pro Membership Application        (click to open)