CFSC Test Schedule

CFSC is managed entirely by volunteers, if you can volunteer some time in the afternoon to help at a Test Session, please contact a Board Member. Someone needs to be there to collect and play music, collect and make copies of paperwork, and keep the tests moving while our judges are busy judging. We run about 8 - 10 test sessions a year, so if you can volunteer for just one or two, it would help tremendously!

CFSC Home Club Moves/Freestyle Test Application (click to open)            Dance Test Application  (click to open)

Non-Member Moves and Freestyle Test Application    (click to open) 

*** Non-Club Members must include your permission letter and the signed waiver/release.  Pricing reflects a $35 Non-member fee already added to each Test. 

2019-20 Fall/Winter Test Sessions:
Tuesday November 5th (Election Day) @ Freeport Recreation Center 11:30am-3:45pm

Monday January 20th (MLK Day) @ Freeport Recreation Center 1-3pm

Tuesday March 3rd @ Freeport Recreation Center 1-3pm

Tuesday April 7th @ Freeport Recreation Center 1-3pm

 ** More test Sessions may be added during the season.

Skaters can use Free Skate scores (IJS Juvenile- Senior) from non-qualifying skating events for Test credit.  Below is a Test Credit Request form.  If you are a Home Club Member and interested in this option, please turn in the completed form with the appropriate paperwork received from the non-qualifying competition. At any Competition, Skaters must request a test credit packet either prior to the event or sometime BEFORE the end of the competition. After the accountant for IJS events has ended the competition, this opportunity for test credit is no longer available. Skaters may be charged a minimal amount to prepare the necessary paperwork (about $10). You should receive the Event Results (signed by the Referee), Individual Protocol/Detail page, and a List of Officials. The report will generate only for participants who passed. The skater has up to a year to submit this paperwork to their HOME CLUB.

Test Credit Application (click to open)     

Your membership must be current to test with the club, please plan ahead and have your current permission letter if you are not Home club. All test applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the test session so that a schedule can be made available for the skaters and coaches. Applications received within two weeks of the Test Session may be accommodated if there is room on the session. Please plan accordingly.  All low level test applications and payments MUST BE RECEIVED before any test can be scheduled outside a Test Session. Low Level tests not on Home Ice may be subject to additional Ice Fees.

Pre-preliminary through Senior Moves and Freestyle can be accommodated at all Test Sessions, unless otherwise specified. Low level dance can usually be accommodated during any test session given enough notice. Coaches, for higher level dance, please try to get several students to test together for judge-scheduling purposes. Generally there are No Test Sessions during the months of September, October and February.

The CFSC is grateful to CAROLE WOLF for her endless hours of work as Test Chairman. She will be celebrating her 40th year as a Judge in the Spring of 2020.